Paarl Coffee Shop Cape Winelands

Welcome to the loveliest Café in the Winelands!

The sun filters through the leaves of the ancient oaks as you gaze across the lawn to the majestic mountains beyond. The rich smell of coffee fills your senses and the pastry melts in your mouth. You dreamily contemplate whether to order another café au lait or to try an espresso instead, as you flip through your favourite newspaper and simply relax. Another perfect day at the Pontac Café…!

The Venue

Café du Pontac is the daytime light dining venue in the Manor House and incorporates service on the veranda as well.

Opening hours: 7.00 to 17.00 daily
Those who have plenty of time on their hands can spend the morning relaxing with a Cappuccino and a good book or newspaper. Early diners can enjoy the Pontac Breakfast Buffet from 7.00 until 10.00.

DUKE'S BAR AT PONTAC - Welcome to a great evening spot!

As you walk through the door, you know you`ve come to the right place. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxed. Friends are never far at Duke's Bar…!
Opening hours:
Duke's Bar at Pontac is open daily from 15.00 to 22.00